29 02 2008

From email:
> Guys hate sluts even though
> they
> have sex with them!
> (oh’re not “popular” if
> you’ve slept with more than 6
>’re a HOE)
> –Guys may be flirting around all day
> but before they go to sleep, they
> always think about the girl they truly
> care about.
> –Guys go crazy over a girl’s smile.
> –Guys will do anything just to get
> you to notice him
> –Guys hate it when you talk about
> your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest.
> –Boyfriends need to be reassured
> often that they’re still loved.
> –Don’t talk about your guy friends to
> your boyfriend.
> –Guys get jealous easily.
> –Guys are more emotional than they’d
> like people to think.
> –Giving a guy a hanging message
> like “You know
> what?!..uh.. .nevermind. .” would make
> him jump to a conclusion that is far
> from what you are thinking. And he’ll
> assume he did something wrong and
> he’ll obsess about it trying to figure
> it out.
> –Guys are good flatterers when
> courting but they usually stammer when
> they talk to a girl they really like.
> –A usual act that proves that the guy
> likes you is when he teases you.
> –Guys love you more than you love
> them if they are serious in your
> relationships.
> –Guys think WAY too much. One small
> thing a girl does, even if she doesn’t
> notice it can make the guy think about
> it for hours, trying to figure out
> what it meant.
> –Guys seek for advice from girls not
> other guys. Because most guys think
> alike, so if one guy’s confused, then
> we’re all confused.
> –When a guy asks you to leave him
> alone, he’s just actually
> saying, “Please come and listen to me.”
> –If a guy starts to talk seriously,
> listen to him. It doesn’t happen that
> often, so when it does, you know
> something’s up.
> –If your best guy friend seems to
> avoid you or is never around when
> you’re with your boyfriend, he’s
> probably jealous and likes you.
> –When a guy tells you that you are
> beautiful, don’t say you aren’t. It
> makes them want to stop telling you
> because they don’t want you to
> disagree with them.
> –When a guy looks at you for longer
> than a second, he’s definitely
> thinking something.
> –Guys don’t like girls who punch
> harder than they do.
> –A guy has more problems than you can
> see with your naked eyes.
> –Don’t be a snob. Guys can be
> intimidated and give up easily.
> –Guys talk about girls more than
> girls talk about guys.
> –Guys hate rejection, but they hate
> being led on even more.
> –If you are going to reject a guy,
> just do it. Don’t say they are like a
> brother or just good friends, it just
> hurts even more. Tell them that you
> aren’t interested in a relationship
> and they will respect you.
> –Guys really think that girls are
> strange and have unpredictable
> decisions and are MAD confusing but
> somehow are drawn even more to them.
> –When a guy sacrifices his sleep and
> health just to be with you, he really
> likes you and wants to be with you as
> much as possible.

A small “Thanks!” goes a long way!


NO SHIRTS @ Abercombie and Fitch

29 02 2008

Mam Lyn sent me this vid.
Abercombie and Fitch add technique: Get males and have them only wearing pants?
Weird. I dunno if they only wanted girls as their market for letting their models shirtless.

So here’s some guys who tried to do some prank over abercombie ^^,


29 02 2008

Abay kainggit naman si chubby at ang company outing eh sa grande island. Ilang outing narin ata ang na skip samen hehe. Ay mali … TEAM BUILDING pala ^^, .  Para sa team na team team, steam etc. or for motivation. Yun kc pangako samen dati eh hehe. nice place

arial view

DFA vows support for Pinay raped by US soldier in Japan

28 02 2008

Pinay raped in Japan to file case vs US soldier

sana nga may mangyare sa pangako

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Child Kidnapping in the South then selling their organs

26 02 2008
On my way to Batangas to have a vacation last Sunday, February 24, 2 men boarded the bus on Turbina(laguna) and sat beside me. They were talking about children and teenagers being abducted in Lucena. I was really sleepy that I didn’t understand the full details about it. When a got home my 2 sisters was talking the same kidnapping thing but happened in a different place. It’s about 4 children abducted in Ibaan, batangas. 3 were found with missing internal organs while the other one a missing pair of eyes and 30,000 pesos on his/her mouth. The other one in Tanauan, Batangas with a missing heart and 8,000 pesos on the hole of her chest. They were already dead.
They heard that a syndicate is behind this kidnapping and getting the internal organs selling it to the black market. We also received text messages about the incident.The next day we heard another gossip about the kidnapping incident. They said that the child with the missing pair of eyes was alive and rumors said that the culprit was arrested. A Taiwanese guy they said who happens to be a doctor was the one driving a van and getting those unattended kids on the street. Witnesses got the plate number and description of the van(red/green) that led the police to the Taiwanese doctor and arrested somewhere in Bauan, Batangas. But it didn’t end there.
Two days after a friend of ours in Batangas texted us that a white van (having the plate number that has been passed through text to be the kidnappers van) fetch a man in front of their store. The man introduced himself as a census guy. What puzzled her was there were 4 houses and the census guy only approached 1 house with some kids living. The location was in a remote place somewhere in Calaca, Batangas. The man even ask for direction if at the end of the road there’s still other way out of the place. After that traces of blood were found on the road and a corps of highschool student was found somewhere in Calaca or Balayan tummy open with 30,000 pesos cash but without kidney and liver. Parang mga manok lang at 30,000 lang ang buhay ngaun ah.
Town folks said that the syndicate usually strikes in the early afternoon until early evening and police said they are verifying reports. About thirty children have already been victimized by the gang in Batangas towns. There are still missing kids in the south.
We still DON’T have any OFFICIAL news about it and I wonder why. There is a famous network branch located in Batangas and still no news about it. Only Tabloids and text messages are able to broadcast it on to the masses so Beware.
I hope the Philippine officials (police etc.) could deal with those kind of horrific deeds.To the gov. of batangas, Gov. V. maybe you could send a force or group to investigate on this. I think it’s better to go directly to the victims relatives than to wait for blotters and to wait for more kids, teens abducted. I hope we could really have a witness proving what happen in Batangas.Ang mga Pilipino sa ibang bansa walang magawa dahil sa higpit ng parusa at dahil hindi sila taga doon. Sana naman bigyan ng hustisya yung mga batang namatay.
——- from: hearsay and we still don’t have any victims interviewed or relatives of the victims maybe but still stay alert.

New hobby sa oras ng kabagutan…

26 02 2008

Yes eto na ang hobby ko ngaun… manood ng youtube atbp. mga videos… hay…

Guillermo at the Ocean’s 13 premiere – Jimmy Kimmel Live LOL ^^,

26 02 2008

Matt Damon gets blown off by Guillermo at red carpet event HARHAR!!! ^^,